Beach Village: discover the park near Lotus

Welcome to the fabulous world of Beach Village. The only water park on the Riviera Romagnola which is right on the beach!
Just 5 kilometres from our comfortable 3 star hotel in Rimini is the marvelous water park in Riccione which offers all guests special deals and free entry every day and where one can have fun with the whole family!
A new world to explore at Beach Village .The water park just a few steps from the beach and where you can get your fill of fun, music, parties and entertainment. A beach on the beach with pools for children and adults, a fitness area, beach volley court, windsurfing, sailing and catamaran classes.
These are just a few of the attractions waiting for you and assure you will never be bored at Beach Village and the nearby 134 beach establishment!

"A special place"

This is one lovely hotel with great staff. Despite being the only English in the hotel and speaking very little Italian, we where made to feel at home from the moment we arrived. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming.The hotel itself is typically a 3* but is what you expect. It is clean and tidy and we had no issues with the rooms. Indeed, along with our bed, ther... Read all
Ginner77 - 13-09-2011
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